Google's Giant April Success

Google's Giant April Success

April 1st is a time for Google pranks. Last year we had Google nose, Gmail Blue and Explore Treasure. This year Google upped their game with a Pokémon challenge. Use Google Maps to capture all 151 Pokémon and 'win' a job as Pokémon master at Google.

The prank was a huge success with thousands of people playing the game (we're not sure how many people fell for the prank though)

In total:

- 14,000 publications mentioned the game in the UK, US, France, Spain, Germany and Italy

- $156,000 earned media was generated in the US

- 11 million views & 13,5000 comments were received by the official video

- 424,000 Facebook interactions registered

We used the Ebuzzing Labs to monitor the online buzz around the video to determine the impact of Google's 2014 April Fool's campaign.

Number of publications over time

Number of publications over time

The graph above shows the evolution of publications mentioning the Pokémon challenge in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US, between March 31st and April 2nd.

The highest peak is found on April Fool's day where over 8,000 tweets mentioned the stunt.

Blog Analysis

67 blogs mentioned the Pokémon challenge in the US, publishing 85 articles in total. 36 of these publications are among the top 50 most influential blogs of their category. The verticals which posted the most often were technology and gaming.

Google's Giant April Success
Media Analysis

In the US 65 articles written by 45 different media sites featured the campaign.

The Huffington Post wrote the most articles discussing Google during the monitoring period, 1 featured the Pokémon game while another 4 referenced other April Fools pranks including the Gmail Shelfie.

Google's Giant April Success
Twitter Analysis

Twitter represents around 99% of the total publications tracked. Messages mentioning the Pokémon Challenge reached around 7.5 million followers in English and was posted about by just under 5,600 users.

YouTube & Facebook

Google maps’ channel posted the video on March 31st. In only 4 days, the video received over 11 million views and 13,500 comments, showingthe intensity of the buzz during such a short time. It’s only a video about the game, yet it triggered more than 424,000 Facebook interactions and more than 100,000 shares.

Written by Lauren Bigland

Published on #Buzz Story

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