Technology brands outperform competition in March

Technology brands outperform competition in March

While brands from the technology sector are always present in the Spotlight on Social Video they haven't come out on top so far this year. However they upped their game in March and deserve to be at the top of the pack thanks to two great videos from Samsung.

Each month the Ebuzzing Labs monitors thousands of branded videos to discover the most viewed, liked and shared online video content.

March in numbers:

1,584 brands produced 15,606 videos which received over 478 million views.

Sector Analysis


In March technology brands produced 18% of all videos and took an impressive 24% of the total views tracked. This was partly due to Samsung's two videos within the top 10. The sector also took 18.5% of all Facebook interactions, showing the videos were engaging.


Entertainment brands produced 13% of all videos published in March and took 17% of the total views, the second highest after technology. The sector really shone thanks to the number of Facebook it acquired, at 22.6% it was the highest of all sectors and claimed a well above average (1.7%) Facebook interaction rate of 2.5%. The excellent results can be linked back to three videos which made the top 10 videos of March 2014.


NGO isn't a sector which often features heavily in the spotlight but this month it boasts a solid performance. It received 7% of the total views, the 4th highest, and 11.6% of all Facebook interactions, a Facebook interaction rate of 3.1%.

Brand Analysis


Samsung was instrumental in the technology sector's success in February. The brand took 9.4% of the total views and 11.9% of all Facebook interactions. Samsung placed two videos within the top 10 most watched videos, with 27 million and 5.9 million views respectively.

Save The Children

Propelling NGO to number one, Save The Children performed very well in March. The charity produced the number one video in the Video Buzz Chart which took 28million views. In total the group received 6.2% of all views and 10.6% of the Facebook interactions.


Despite not landing any videos in the Video Buzz Chart Sony had an impressive month in March. The brand produced 1.5% of all videos which received 6.2% of all views and a Facebook interaction rate of 3.1%

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Written by Lauren Bigland

Published on #Spotlight on Social Video

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