Entertainment Brands Dominate April's Spotlight on Social Video

Entertainment Brands Dominate April's Spotlight on Social Video

Each month the Ebuzzing Labs analyses thousands of branded videos to determine which are the most viewed, liked and shared. This data allows us to provide insights into the social video advertising landscape, revealing which sectors and brands have launched the most successful video advertising campaigns over the last 30 days.

In April the entertainment, sports and beverage sectors stand out due to their strong performance, with Nike, Disney and Evian featured as top brands.

April in Numbers

1,555 brands published 15,793 videos which received over 464 million views.

Top Sectors


The entertainment sector is normally popular, often publishing film trailers which make for very engaging content. In April entertainment brands were by far the strongest performers, producing 11% of the total videos and taking 19% of the total views, partly due to videos from Disney and Universal. The sector took a huge 24.7% of all Facebook interactions, producing an above average Facebook interaction rate of 1.7%.


Sport's brands took 17% of all views and 14.8% of all Facebook interactions, despite only producing 4% of all videos published in April. The sector's success is largely due to four very high performing videos from Nike, Foot Locker and Adidas which featured in the Video Buzz Chart.


The beverage industry produced 6% of all videos in April and took 12% of all views thanks to another great video from Evian. The sector claimed 14.3% of al Facebook interactions and an above average Facebook interaction rate of 1.5%.

Top Brands


Nike had a phenomenal month in April, taking 14.8% of all views and 12.8% of all Facebook interactions. The brand managed to place two videos within the the top 10 in the Video Buzz Chart, totalling over 57 million views.


Disney took 6.3% of all views and 8.1% of all Facebook interactions. Their video, which showed the cast of the Lion King performing on a flight to Australia went viral, viewed over 16 million times.


Evian earn their mention in the Spotlight on Social Video thanks to the second installment of their hugely successful Baby & Me campaign, this time featuring Baby Spiderman. The brand took 3.9% of all video views and 6.3% of all Facebook interactions recorded in April.

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Written by Lauren Bigland

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