Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video

Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video

Instagram’s announcement of new video capabilities rivaling those of Vine catapulted both apps to the top of every tech blog. The differences between Vine and Instagram video, the pros and cons of each service and future of the apps have been covered extensively on media sites, blogs, forums and Twitter. We used the Ebuzzing Lab to monitor reaction from over 3 million data points to work out whether Vine or Instagram came out on top.

In the UK the total buzz equated to an impressive 151,000 publications

  • 149,000 tweets
  • 1,090 forum posts
  • 125 blogs
  • 54 media articles

The most publications occurred on the 7th July. While more than 4,500 articles mentioned Vine, Instagram Video featured over 7,000, more than 1.5X as many as its competitor. This pattern can be seen across blogs, forums and media sites throughout the entire study period. It is particularly prevalent on Twitter where Instagram Video was mentioned more than twice more than Vine.

Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video
Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video
Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video
Buzz Battle: Vine Vs Instagram Video

Brands have taken to both video platforms like ducks to water; the formats have proven a particularly popular way to release film teaser trailers. Marvel released their trailer for The Wolverine on Vine back in March while the trailer for ‘Jobs’ debuted on Instagram.

It’s clear that Instagram video created a huge buzz when it was launched, outperforming Vine in all areas. We just have to wait and see if Vine and Instagram Video prove they can live up to the hype and demonstrate their worth for users and brands alike.

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strong magnets 04/28/2014 10:26

I am pretty sure whatsup is going to be dominating the world of communication apps. Vine and other social apps will die before 2017. I am not even sure about Facebook too. That’s how big whatsup has become. They need to add a few features to completely dominate the social market!