Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself’ comes out on top in the Ebuzzing Video Buzz Chart

Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself’ comes out on top in the  Ebuzzing Video Buzz Chart

Each month the Ebuzzing Social Lab tracks views, likes and share to produce our Video Buzz Chart. In June we monitored over 9,000 branded online videos to reveal that Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself” presented by Samsung was the number one viewed, liked and shared online video ad. Here’s the rest of June’s top ten.

Samsung: Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" presented by Samsung

View: 33 582 886

Facebook likes: 56 000

If you want to get your branded video to the top of the chart using one of the world’s most famous R&B stars is definitely the way to do it. This ad by Samsung advertising their smart TV technology raced to number one.

Sony: Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video

Views: 13 378 756

Facebook likes: 692 000

Sony took the initiative with this ad, responding to criticism of the Xbox One’s sharing restrictions. Brilliantly simple and extremely tongue in cheek, this ad went viral overnight.

Dior: Secret Garden 2 – Versailles

Views: 8 339 991

Facebook likes: 54 000

Showcasing Dior’s latest collection in the beautiful gardens at Versailles, this branded video from Dior had a steady rise through the rankings to finish at number three.

Time Warner: The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

Views: 8 203 008

Facebook likes: 395 000

It may be more than six months until the second instalment of the Hobbit hits cinemas but it’s not soon enough for many fans with over 8 million people watching this teaser for The Desolation of Smaug.

Nokia: Man of Steel

Views: 8 198 599

Facebook likes: 304 000

Man of Steel was finally released last month and Nokia took advantage of the hype around the film to release this trailer and promote their competition for tickets to the premiere.

Warner Bros: 300 - Rise of an Empire

Views: 5 417 093

Facebook likes: 465 000

300 is back. The second in the series, Rise of an Empire, is out next year and over 5 million people watched the first trailer for the new epic, earning over 450 thousand likes.

Time Warner: The Lego Movie

Views: 4 724 017

Facebook likes: 339 000

Yet another film trailer in the top 10. This ad for The Lego Movie starring Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Will Ferrell (among others) took off and we expect the film to do the same.

Battlefield: Battlefield 4

Views: 4 015 356

Facebook likes: 164 000

Featuring multi-player footage from Battlefield 4 at the E3 gaming conference, this 5 min 55 second video proves you don’t have to be short to be shared and was a massive hit with gamers.

Paramount: The Wolf of Wall Street

Views: 4 177 346

Facebook likes : 217 000

Viewers can’t get enough of Leonardo Di Caprio, after the success of The Great Gatsby this video ad for The Wolf of Wall Street shows Di Caprio playing yet another financial success story gone bad.

Red Bull: Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

Views: 3 29 747

Facebook likes: 266 000

Red Bull doing what it does best in this piece of branded content. Pro rider Danny MacAskill shows off his skills in Imaginate.

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Atul Bansal 07/04/2013 17:03

oh.. So, finally, Samsung made itself to number one in the list.. 56k likes and more than 33 million vies.. great data.. I would say in 56k likes, I have also mine one like :)
I would say samsung ad is really worth and the brand deserves it.. Congrats Samsung team :)

Atul Bansal 07/05/2013 20:35

oh..ok.. great.. Samsung really rocks.... Thanks for replying

Ebuzzing 07/05/2013 11:08

Samsung are actually on a bit of a roll at the moment, they were number one last month as well with Evolutionary Husband